The Art of Maximizing Your Space


Edith lives in Miami and is a digital marketing entrepreneur. She had a dedicated room for home office, but it had slowly become more of a storage room. “It was such a mess that I was even afraid to go and was too embarrassed to take any call from there,” Edith says. “Since I have permanently started working from home, I wanted to reclaim the room. But I didn’t know where to start and how to turn it around” explains Edith.


Aum Moment

One of my family friends recommended Aum. I took their (WFA) WorkfromAum Quiz. I received their personalized results which helped me understand what gaps I had in my current space, my design style and product recommendations. Finally I decided to hire Aum to completely redo my home office.


Before and After:

Design style was modern.

We wanted the design to express Edith’s personality by making it modern, sleek and confident. Special attention was given to decluttering the space by assigning storage for all the needful items and helping her let go unwanted items. We helped her apply Aum 6 step clean-up method. Additionally, we were able to introduce ergonomic components such as external monitor, keyboard and mouse. We also introduced biophilia by adding paintings and plants to make it lively. Additionally, we were able to reconfigure the place so that it can have two workspaces rather than one as she shared with her father.


Aum Effect

Edith: I couldn’t be happier with the results. I can’t stop showing off my home office two all my friends and colleagues. I can better focus on work and I feel happier sitting in a space which is open and clean.

Your Dream Office Awaits