My Creativity and Productivity Haven


Raj lives in suburbs for New York City and is a serial entrepreneur. I needed a space where I could be at my creative best and also have an opportunity to have a team meeting if needed. Working form my kitchen counter and my backyard was nice, but two months into it I started feelings as started experiencing severe back and neck pain.




Design style – Eclectic



Raj Office After Picture

Aum Moment

We focused on making sure that Raj’s space with a perfect ergonomic setup. We prioritized his health and mental wellness by adding elements of nature and changing the orientation of the table to get direct sunlight. We also helped him to get organized by suing our 6-step method. We are happy to note that his office still looks pristine with nothing on the floor.


Aum Effect:

I feel amazing at my workspace now. My neck and back doesn’t bother me at all and I can work long hours without losing my focus. All my friends are so jealous when I show them my new office. Aum is a fun concept which delivers great results. I highly recommend their services.

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