The Miracle of Mindfulness


Steve lives in the suburbs of Boston with his two toddlers, teenage daughter, and wife. He is an executive biotech company. “I didn’t have a dedicated workspace and I started working from the corner of my bedroom” Steve says. “I was very distracted with the background noise and anxious about my kids ending up on my zoom calls. I was also experiencing neck and eye strain as I was using my laptop and one of the dining table chairs as my workstation” Steve explains. Even with all these things, I love working from home as I could spent some quality time with my kids each day and spend time in the backyard.”


Design style – boring

Aum Moment

We focused on finding a decided room for home office. Since Steve had two windows and they overlooked a forest, we wanted to make perfect use of it. We changed the wall asint so that we could make the place more modern. We hand picked items to make usre . We also changed the roomk’s paint and. We added a sofa-cum bed to the office so that he could take a break form his chair and also make use of his space as a guest bedroom at night if needed.


Miracle of Mindfulness

Aum Effect

Aum was an absolute delight to work with! Friendly and professional, Vanessa and Aseem were able to quickly assimilate my needs and preferences for a home workspace during the intake session.  Using a holistic approach, they clearly explained the concept of a wheel of design wellness that includes design, technology, ergonomics, lighting and other elements that combine to optimize wellness in a home office space.  Based on my input, Aum quickly turned around a design proposal with layouts and an easy-to-select checklist of specification options.  A short time later, the selected items began to arrive directly at my home, and I was able to integrate them without a hitch, transforming a room into a home office that held true to the proposal.  Thank you, Aum, for the positive experience and the great outcome!


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